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Scott McIntyre 

Director/ Senior Financial Advisor 

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Scott McIntyre is the Owner and Principal Advisor at Retirement Income Specialists. 

Scott is a Financial Planner with 23 years extensive experience in the industry.

He is well respected in the industry, personally and professionally, and recognised for his wealth creations strategies. He always put the client first and has a passion to help clients reach personal goals. His ability to explain things in plain English, and make it simple, is an attribute that is appreciated by many. 

An open door and communication policy ensures that you always have up to date information, questions can be answered when needed and you can feel at ease with your choices and future.  

Justin McElhenny

Wealth Management Specialist

Justin is dynamic financial adviser with a passion for transforming lives through financial empowerment. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce as well as a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Justin entered the world of wealth management at a young age. His innate ability to simplify complex financial concepts and connect with clients on a personal level quickly set him apart.


Justin's innovative approach to wealth management, coupled with his genuine care for his clients' well-being, has earned him a reputation as a trusted adviser in the profession. Despite his youth, he exudes confidence and empathy, creating a comfortable space for his clients to discuss their financial aspirations and concerns.

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